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Learning Acupressure Therapy

Learning Acupressure Therapy
Learning and practicing Acupressure Therapy is an exciting and dynamic process.
Acupressure helps the body to heal in many wondrous ways.
 It builds on its-self to bring power and healing to a person's  total being.

It took 2 years to put this class  together and at least 4 years of study and practice.
Learning and teaching some of the acupressure meridians can be challenging ,
but there are 8 sections to the class,
so the location and benefits of the important points
are reinforced and repeated in many different ways.

The focus is on hands-on demonstration and student practice.
The class also includes question & answer for each section,
  a power-point presentation
and a text- book for important points and self-care.

At the end of the class, more options are offered
if you would like to study acupressure further.
This is really good, to make your practice of acupressure more effective.