Spokane Acupressure Massage Continuing Education Classes
Professional Massage Therapy

Tuition & Schedule

8 Hours Hands-on
Supervised Acupressure Massage Continuing Education Classes
Accepted by Washington State Board of Massage
& Oregon State Board of Massage 
& Idaho State Board of Massage  Course ID 18754

Class Schedule Temporally Suspended
Please call and leave name & phone # to be on list 
for future classes.

Total Tuition $165 
First payment received - First place in class held. 
Non refundable unless classes cannot meet.

 Please do not mail any payment
 without calling prior to register, discuss details of class
answer any questions or concerns 
and receive mailing address

If you would like to be put on a list for future classes 
please call 509-319-7361
and leave a message with your name & phone number

Small classes will receive
 certificate of completion.