Spokane Acupressure Massage Continuing Education Classes
Professional Massage Therapy


The goals of the acupressure classes is to give you a basic foundation
and introduction to acupressure, 
including the location of  important acupressure points,
and what they are can be used for.

The content for the acupressure classes will cover
how acupressure works
and what it can do for the mind and body.

After completing this class with practice  and study
you should be able to combine acupressure,
with your other massage techniques
to individualize your massage treatments
and increase your clients' vitality and stamina.
You can use the points for your own self-care
and also show your clients how
to use the acupressure points
themselves for daily self-care.

 The classes will be lecture with a PowerPoint presentation 
combined with a focus on hands-on demonstration and  student practice.